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Newcastle City Centre Police Station

Newcastle City Centre Police Station

Project: Newcastle City Centre Police Station Development
Site: Forth Banks Warehouse, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Structure Type: Listed building using early 20th Century reinforced concrete techniques


Overview of Services

Forth Banks Warehouse in Newcastle-upon-Tyne is a Grade II listed structure that was constructed using the Hennebique reinforced concrete technique. Derelict for many years, it is was incorporated into the construction of a new City Centre Police Station in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Built in the early 20th Century, the structure was showing signs of deterioration due to reinforcement corrosion. Corrosion Prevention Limited was retained by Balvac Limited to determine the requirements for survey and investigation of the structure. A corrosion risk assessment was undertaken and based on our findings different corrosion prevention strategies were selected for different elements of the structure. The solutions included the use of anti-carbonation coatings, inhibitors, galvanic corrosion protection systems and impressed current cathodic protection systems.

Corrosion Prevention provided detailed design drawings for the construction of the cathodic protection systems, and also provided technical on-site support for the installation of the systems.

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